The Benefits of Gusbandry

One woman, one man, a LOT of weed, a little crying,
and absolutely NO sexual attraction whatsoever.

The Benefits of Gusbandry - a comedic web series created by Alicia J. Rose, co-written by Courtenay Hameister.

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THE A.V. CLUB - "The perfect rapid-fire binge for those fleeting moments in between the oven timer going off, this addictive webseries about a woman and her gay bestie entering their 40s delivers sharp comedy in six-minute increments. With plenty of drugs, sex, and acerbic wit, it’s about growing older—but not necessarily growing up." - READ MORE

PURE GRAIN AUDIO - "If you're looking for a comedy that's down-to-earth, which still has a real heart AND real laughs, forget about cheesy sitcoms with stereotypical characters and a laugh-track. This is your ticket right here." - READ MORE

SALUTE MAGAZINE - "If you haven’t seen The Benefits of Gusbandry, imagine The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, meets, Will & Grace, meets My So-Called Life, with a sprinkle of Shameless…Alicia J. Rose has created a show that is undeniably funny but also poignant in the way she unravels the deep relationship between immensely close friends." - READ MORE

WILLAMETTE WEEK - "Season two of Gusbandry is still full of lovable slacker antics and Jackie and River's platonic devotion.  But this time, it's arriving with a national reputation and in a much darker political climate.  The new season rises to the high stakes." - READ MORE

PORTLAND TRIBUNE - "Gusbandry is antidote to post-election stress" - READ MORE

FELIX ONLINE UK - Criminally Short: "The Benefits of Gusbandry" is a great show... its efforts to broaden the views of the gay community typically found on TV must be appreciated." - READ MORE

OUT MAGAZINE (FEATURE Jan 2017) - "The Benefits of Gusbandry Creator on the Importance of Making Gay TV in Trump's America" - READ MORE

PASTE MAGAZINE - "(Brooke) Totman is straight-up comically delicious. She’s Kristen Wiig with a sprinkle of Leslie Mann when they’re both a little drunk, tired and horny. The series is personal, it’s hilarious as hell, and it delves into the crevices of friendship. This is Will & Grace resurrected—I find it funnier...Totman and Conroyd’s chemistry is charming." - READ MORE

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - "The story of their friendship is just as awkward as it is endearing, like a more honest Will & Grace."

THE NY TIMES - "The Benefits of Gusbandry works the straight-gay friendship thing deliciously, thanks to sharp writing and spirited performances...The season finale is a delirious 16 minute masterpiece of pretension puncturing." - READ MORE

THE AV CLUB - "With a mordant wit and natural, lived-in performances, (The Benefits of Gusbandry) combines the easygoing charm of shows like Master of None with the dark humor and outsized personality of You're The Worst...A smart, funny voice..." - READ MORE

WEIRD SISTER - (FEATURE Dec 2016) "Gusbands, Gusbandry and Gunnymoons: An Interview with Alicia J. Rose" - READ MORE

COMEDY CAKE - "You’re The Worst meets Will & Grace only with 40ish somethings. We’ve already fallen hard for this series so you should too."  READ MORE

THE ADVOCATE - Featured in "7 Things That are EVERYTHING This week" - "A drag bonanza, Grace & Frankie, The Benefits of Gusbandry and a very naked Tom Hiddleston should all be on your agenda this week." READ MORE

WILLAMETTE WEEK - The Benefits of Gusbandry may be Portland's closest equivalent to Broad City or Kimmy Schmidt." -


"MARIJUANA POLITICS - "Hilarious, fearless and provocative. I cannot recommend this series enough." - READ MORE

OR ARTS WATCH - Portland filmmaker Alicia J. Rose has been drawing raves for her web series "The Benefits of Gusbandry" and after watching the first five episodes its clear why. - READ MORE

THE AV CLUB - "We can assure you the wait was well worth it, as the awkward comedic payoff demonstrates again how smart and well-crafted this show is.  Alicia J. Rose's tale of sexual and emotional mayhem continues to be among the better web series vying for your attention." - READ MORE

WILLAMETTE WEEK - "The Benefits of Gusbandry Is Portland’s Best New YouTube Show. Weed, chill and quips make "Gateway Gays" way better than Will & Grace" - READ MORE

PORTLAND MONTHLY - "How do you make a hit web series?  The creators of one Portland show have some answers." READ MORE

LOGO'S NEW NOW NEXT - "Hilarious new web series." READ MORE

TUBEFILTER.COM - INDIE SPOTLIGHT - "...There's plenty of well-executed cringe comedy to go around, so don't think for a second that The Benefits of Gusbandry is short on laughs." -  READ MORE


PROUD QUEER MONTHLY - The Story Behind The Benefits of Gusbandry - READ MORE

INDIEWIRE.COM - "We can't wait to explore Jackie and River's relationship in the next episodes." WEB SERIES PICK OF THE MONTH (SEPTEMBER 2015) - READ MORE

THE ANNUAL ONLINE - The Lessons of Gusbandry with Alicia J. Rose - feature Interview with TBOG Creator Alicia J. Rose - READ MORE

RAVISHLY.COM -  "The Benefits of Gusbandry has replaced the Broad City web series-sized hole in my heart." READ MORE...

FLAVORWIRE.COM - "The pilot is charming, filled with disarmingly witty, flirtatious banter, an indication of future sass and shade to be thrown." READ MORE

"...Brilliant and funny and dirty and cool!" - BOB MOULD, badass musician and #WorkGusband

WBOC - "It’s like a stoner version of Will & Grace but a bit raunchier" READ MORE...

UNIVERSALDORK.COM  "...Great offbeat comedy with a heart of gold." READ MORE...

ACCIDENTALBEAR.COM - "The Benefits of Gusbandry, looks really promising and has caught my full attention." READ MORE...

OPB's John Sepulvado spoke to creator/director Alicia J. Rose about her foray into comedy and what its like being polyGusbandrous on Weekend Edition - LISTEN

OUT.COM - "The new gay web series is the hilarious, irreverent show about stoners in their 40’s that we’ve been waiting for." READ MORE...

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