The Benefits of Gusbandry

One woman, one man, a LOT of weed, a little crying,
and absolutely NO sexual attraction whatsoever.

The Benefits of Gusbandry - a comedic web series created by Alicia J. Rose, co-written by Courtenay Hameister.

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The Benefits of Gusbandry Premieres via FLAVORWIRE!! WHOO!!


Can you believe it???  The online premiere of The Benefits of Gusbandry hit via Flavorwire this week and we couldn't be more stoked!!  

Fair Warning: You will be addicted to the story of Jackie and River IMMEDIATELY - so sorry ;-) 

They called our pilot "40 & Sporty" (and we are paraphrasing a lil here) "Witty, charming, SHAZAMABLE and full of potential for future sass and shade" - we couldn't ask for a better debut into the public world!! 

Our dear friend (and WorkGusband) Bob Mould called it "brilliant and funny and dirty and cool.”

Here's a little radio piece that OPB aired on Weekend Edition talking to me the day of the premiere about Gusbandry!  Which turned out to be a packed house and a smash success! Personally, I was crying the whole time - from JOY.  


ALAS - we've been busy!  In conjunction with our premiere we have readied ourselves for the world at large - so get clicking and subscribing so you don't miss A SINGLE EPISODE!  We are already hard at work editing episode 2 - "Gay Not Gay" which will premiere October 2015!  Expect monthly installments doling out the rest of our 8 episodes through Spring 2016!  What?? Yep.

We will be offering webisodes FREE for now via our Vimeo and Youtube Channels - SUBSCRIBE to stay on top of things!

But if you like to support the arts with $ and high quality streams check out our Vimeo On Demand page and VHX Portal - episodes only .99c!

I mean, what the hell just happened?  We started writing in April and now Gusbandry is LIVE IN THE EARTH PORTALS OF INTERNETLAND!  How awesome is that.  Every single collaborator who worked on the show is responsible for this - AND EVERY SINGLE person that gave us the support to get 'er done IS A CHAMPION OF OUR HEARTS.

Thanks y'all - we hope you dig what we made for you.  Cause we have more coming.... ;-)

Please watch the show and SHARE any of the above links with your friends!


I'M ALREADY ADDICTED TO  @TBOGUSBANDRY! pilot up @flavorwire brained by @AliciaJRose inspired by #GUSBANDS #webseries

Thanks again dearest supporters and pals - we love you guys, thanks for being GUSBANDLOVERS.


Alicia and Team Gusbands

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