The Benefits of Gusbandry

One woman, one man, a LOT of weed, a little crying,
and absolutely NO sexual attraction whatsoever.

The Benefits of Gusbandry - a comedic web series created by Alicia J. Rose, co-written by Courtenay Hameister.



It has been only TWO WEEKS since we got the GREEN LIGHT from Seed & Spark and were 104% funded - and we head into production of the first 3 episodes of The Benefits of Gusbandry TOMORROW!  To say this has been a whirlwind would be an understatement, but hey we were serious about making this and we don't F around!  

So many exciting updates to share with you....

Our CAST is incredible, joining our talented leads Brooke Totman and Kurt Conroyd are a host of Portland's most brilliant comedic actors.  Welcome Michael Fetters, Andrew Harris, Ritah Parrish, Leon Anderson, Bri Pruett, Scott Engdahl, Katie Michels, Greg James, Brad Fortier, Megan Farmer and Michael Tuefel to the cast!  We are truly besides ourselves with this lineup. You will see why soon!

Here's a pic from our Table Read last night, what a SEXY actorpile!:

Our CREW is also beyond top notch.  Our dashing Director of Photograpy Bradley Sellers comes to us from a background of shooting shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Mr. Show, our Producer Lara Cuddy from making films like Cell Count and Birds of Neptune - they have both been working with me (creator/ director AJR) for the past few years, helping craft some of my best music videos (Bob Mould, First Aid Kit, AgesandAges etc).  The rest of our team is bananas. My co-writer Courtenay Hameister is an evil genius.  The best.  This show is going to RULE SO HARD.  

Portland really is the best place to make art.  SO many supportive folks make a project like this possible in such a short turnaround!  And the locations...oh the locations.  For our first 3 episodes you'll find us at Moloko Bar, Salt & Straw Ice Cream, Fantasy Video and more...this town.  WE LOVE.

SO -what's next?  Tonight Courtenay and I do one last mega-tweak on the scripts, then tomorrow call time is 9am for our first day of shooting.  Over 4 days in the next weekwe will shoot the first 3 scripts - which will turn into our pilot and  2.5 other episodes (#3 is a two parter).  We have some crazy shenanigans planned.  Brains are going to melt.   And not from the summer heat.

Then BOOM!  The Benefits of Gusbandry will PREMIERE at the Portland Film Festival  (Sept 1-6 - screening deets soon)!  That's in LESS THAN A MONTH.  We say WHY NOT?  Momentum is everything and we are ready to rock and roll this lil Gayby into the world post haste!!  


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And most importantly - LOVE YOUR GUSBANDS!  This production couldn't have been made without the inspiration, muse-i-ness and love from my Gusbands... Lake, Leland and the rest of you fuzzy lovelies (you know who you are) - THANKS AND SLIGHTLY INNAPROPRIATE HUGS for supporting this insanely fun project into life!!  

Smooches from the frontlines,
(&Team Gusbands)

(c) 2016 The Benefits of Gusbandry LLC