The Benefits of Gusbandry

One woman, one man, a LOT of weed, a little crying,
and absolutely NO sexual attraction whatsoever.

The Benefits of Gusbandry - a comedic web series created by Alicia J. Rose, co-written by Courtenay Hameister.



It seems like a wild feverdream, but in less than 5 months we have conceived, written, shot and are now editing together the first 3.5 episodes of our little feminist/gay funy-as-hell web series The Benefits of Gusbandry.  Perhaps its some kind of record, maybe our own bizarre pretend reality show, or just the right mix of zeitgeisty and hilarious subject matter and a team of collaborators that KILLED IT.  Cause we DID IT Gusbandlovers - we wrapped on production of the first half of the season and have been busting buns in dark basements to ready our pilot episode -"40 & Sporty" for its WORLD PREMIERE at the Portland Film Festival Friday September 4 at 10:00 PM!  We are part of the "relationships shorts" block and you can buy"Midnight Movie" single tickets HERE!  SO psyched!

If you can't make it in person, don't fear!  We will be premiereing TBOG online (via youtube & VOD) a few days after our terrestrial premiere - more info on that soon!

Incentive Update!  Now that we've gotten through production, we are focusing on delivering your incentives.  Someone from Team Gusbands will be in touch soon to suss choices and delivery info.  Thanks for your patience on this front.

But lets back up a second...we want to share some awesome BEHIND THE SCENES pix with you guys - our first supporters!!


Jackie (Brooke Totman), Lance (Andrew Harris) and Carolyn (Katie Michels) in between takes of Episode 1: 40 & Sporty!

The fabulous Wayne Bund (aka Feyonce) awaiting hair and makeup before his big scene in Episode 1!  

River (Kurt Conroyd) and Jackie (Brooke Totman) on location at the fabulous bar Moloko surrounded by crew during the filming of Episode 2: Gay Not Gay

River and Jackie  on the set of Fantasy Video for our scandalous Episode 3: FML! So juicy it's a TWO-PARTER!

A little peek at the monitor of River (Kurt Conroyd) and Don (Greg James) on set at Salt & Straw while filming Episode 3: FML!

This has really been an incredible ride.  Mid March I didn't know what I was going to do with my career.  SERIOUSLY.  Now I'm vibrating at the core with excitement to share what me and my team of brilliant badasses made for you all. YOU'RE GONNA PLOTZ.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck YES.

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AJR & TEAM Gusbandry

AJR onset at Moloko with her TBOG work gusband/art director Scott Braucht!


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